Pulse Meter syncing, pairing or unpairing troubleshooting - iOS only

The Bluelab Pulse Meter uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone via the Bluelab Pulse App.

Bluetooth framework is variable, and can be different between different phone brands, manufacturers and phone models (as well as for other reasons). 

This means that it is possible for the Pulse Meter Bluetooth connection to experience difficulties due to this variability. We've done our best to cover as many scenarios as we can, however if you do run into problems with pairing, unpairing, syncing or other such connection problems, the following steps have been known to help to reset the Bluetooth connection to resolve this;

  1. Turn Airplane Mode on
  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is off
  3. Wait 10 seconds
  4. Turn Airplane Mode off
  5. Retry previous action (taking a new measurement or syncing previously taken measurements to phone)

If there are still issues after the Airplane Mode toggle, try to unpair the Pulse Meter from the Pulse App, and pair your devices again.  

For further support please reach out to us via the "Feedback" function within the app, or contact Support@bluelab.com to submit a support ticket to us.

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