Bluelab Connect Stick 2 & Range Extender 2 - Setup

There are just a few steps to setup the Bluelab Connect Stick 2 & Range Extender 2 for use..

Follow these steps below and if you need more support, please contact

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  • Remove the Bluelab Connect Stick 2 and the antenna from the packaging
  • Assemble the Connect Stick 2 by screwing the antenna (clockwise rotation) into the top of the unit
  • The Bluelab Connect Stick 2 comes with the USB cable fixed into the unit, plug this into the computer USB port
  • Position the Connect Stick 2 by using the screws to fix it to a wall or sit on a surface
  • For best signal strength, position the Connect Stick 2 as high up the wall as possible, and point the antenna vertically
  • Add the 4-digit key code from your Connect device to the Connect software to link your device

(eg keycode: abmx)


If required, use a Bluelab Range Extender to increase the distance between Bluelab Connect devices and the Bluelab Connect Stick.

  • Screw in the antenna from the Range Extender 2 packaging to the Extender.
  • Add the 4-digit key code from the Extender to the software to link your device. 
  • Setup examples:

Once set up, the Connect Stick 2 top orange power light should stay lit while the unit is running. The bottom blue signal light will light up and flash while the devices are communicating. 


The system should be up and running at this point, ready to grow!