Getting Started: The Bluelab Temperature Probe

Product overview, quick start guide and FAQ


The Bluelab Temperature Probe is a replacement temperature probe for your Bluelab Controllers. Installs quickly with a plug-in jack and 2 metre / 6.6 foot cable. 

Compatible with: Bluelab pH Controller, Bluelab pH Controller Connect or the Bluelab Pro Controller.  


Robust and easy to clean stainless steel body Bluelab EarthLink compatible to reduce interference
Fully waterproof, including cable joint No calibration required
2-metre / 6.6 cable  2-year warranty
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Quick start guide 

Get started with the Bluelab Temperature Probe in 3 steps. 

1.  Remove the temperature probe from the box and plug it into your controller device. 

2.  Set the temperature scale (°C or °F) on your controller. 

3. To clean, remove nutrient buildup by wiping the probe gently with a cloth. We recommend cleaning your temperature probe monthly.  

Bluelab Temperature Probe FAQ 

Can I leave the temperature probe in my reservoir? 

Yes. The Temperature Probe is fully waterproof. 


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