1. Care, cleaning and maintenance
  2. Care, maintenance and storage

Bluelab conductivity (EC/PPM) probes: Cleaning and care

To get the longest life and the most accurate measurements from your conductivity (EC/PPM) products, remember to clean your pen monthly.

Quick tips for conductivity probe care

Don’t touch the probe sensors with your fingers. This can contaminate the probe with oils.  

Don’t immerse in oils, proteins, or suspended solids. This will leave a coating on the probe tip affecting measurements. 

How to clean the conductivity probe

  1. Remove the cap or shroud
  2. Add a few drops of Bluelab conductivity probe cleaner to the probe face
  3. Use a cloth or a chamois to rub the probe face clean, removing residue and buildup
  4. Rinse the probe face with clean running tap water to remove traces of cleaner
  5. Replace cap or shroud, taking care not to touch the probe face

View our full conductivity cleaning guide here (+ video) 


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