Getting started: Edenic - How to sign up and install Edenic for new users

Sign up and install Edenic and Bluelab Connect desktop for your Bluelab Connect devices

If you already have a Bluelab Connect Cloud account, please click the link below for instructions on how to transfer your account. 

How to transfer your Connect account to Edenic 

Step one: Create an Edenic account 

Click here to create an Edenic account. 

Edenic homepage - how to create an account

Fill in your details to create an account. Your password must be at least eight characters long and consist of at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one special character. 

Blank Edenic sign-up form

Upon account creation, you will need to enter an Authentication Code. This will be sent to the email address provided on sign-up. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. 

Edenic authentication code request screen

After submitting the Authentication Code, you will be logged into Edenic and navigated to the Devices Screen.

Step Two: Install the Bluelab Connect Desktop 

Click on the following link to download Bluelab Connect Desktop. 

Connect Software 

Ensure that Bluelab Connect desktop is installed on a computer with internet access and that a Bluelab Connect Stick is plugged in. The Connect Stick must be in range of Bluelab Connect devices. 

Run through the installation process. 

Bluelab Connect setup wizard

Step Three: Login to Bluelab Connect Desktop 

Open Bluelab Connect desktop if not already running, and click the "Log in" button. A browser window will open to the Success screen. (If not, enter your Edenic login details in the login screen.)

Login screen for Edenic


The success message will indicate that Bluelab Connect Desktop is now logged in to Edenic. You can now close your browser and return to Bluelab Connect Desktop.

Edenic success message

Step Four: Add your Bluelab Connect Devices

For this step, Bluelab Connect desktop app needs to be open. 

Plug in your Connect stick into a USB port. 

Connect should recognize the Connect Stick and a Blue banner should appear, to show the system is ready to add devices. 

Success to add devices to Edenic

To connect a device, power on the Bluelab Connect device, enter the four-digit device key code, and select "Add". For best results, perform the initial connection with your device plugged in near your computer before fixing the device into position.

Device location in Bluelab Connect desktop


Connect New Device code request screen


Keep entering the key codes of all Bluelab Connect devices you wish to add.

Each Bluelab Connect device added will appear in the device list.

Device list screen in Bluelab Connect

Step Five: Installing the mobile app 

Download the Edenic mobile application for your mobile device from Google Play or App Store or by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Open the Play Store/App Store on your mobile device. Search for Edenic and install the application. 


Google Play button linking to EdenicApple Store login for getting started with Edenic


Step Six: Using the Edenic mobile app 

Open the app on your mobile device. 


Edenic app icon

Once open, Edenic will ask you to enter your login details that you created when signing up.  

Sign in page for Edenic

After successfully signing in, the Devices Screen will display all Bluelab Connect devices added to Bluelab Connect desktop in step six. 

Edenic devices list


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