Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi: How to enable and disable Wi-Fi and data

Follow this guide for both standard and Inline versions

One of the main benefits of the Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi is monitoring your pH, conductivity (EC), and temperature remotely using the mobile or web app with Edenic.

With Edenic, you can also view real-time and historical reports, visualize data, respond to alerts in real-time, and record important observations with the journal feature. 

However, we understand you may not want access to this feature. Follow these instructions below to turn on or turn off your device's Wi-Fi capability.

How to turn on and turn off the Wi-Fi

  1. Press the settings button.
  2. Press the 'Conductivity' units button.
  3. Use up and down arrows to toggle Wi-Fi on/off.
  4. Once 'On' or 'Off' is selected, press the settings button to complete.

If turned on, the connection status is shown in the third window.


Code Meaning
conn Wi-Fi is connected
Err1 Wi-Fi not connected
Err2 No internet available
Err3  Edenic service not reachable
Err4 Time sync, please wait

Further resources 

Download the manual below. 

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi User Manual - English

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