Soil pH, soil EC - can these be measured?

At Bluelab, we have electronic meters available that can take direct measurements into soils or media to obtain a pH reading,  these are our Bluelab Soil pH Pen, and the Bluelab Leap pH Probe

To obtain EC readings from CEA applications, we now also have the new Bluelab Pulse Meter available. Please note that open field testing using this device may provide less consistent results.

If a soil solution sample can be prepared, then EC and pH measurements can be taken from this sample. Here's how: 

The greatest source of error in soil analysis comes during sample collection. An effort should be made to ensure each sample properly represents the area being sampled.

Collection of Sample
1. Sample in a zig-zag pattern across the required area.
2. Remove 15mm (1/2inch) of top soil before sampling at a depth of 150mm (6 inches).
3. Mix all collected samples together thoroughly.
4. Allow to dry in air for one hour.
5. Weigh out 20 grams (0.7oz) of the collected soil into a 150ml (approximately 7 fluid ounces) plastic sample jar.

Sample Preparation
1. Add 100ml of distilled or deionised water, screw lid on tightly.
2. Shake continuously for 5 minutes. Leave overnight and shake again the next morning.
3. Allow to settle for 15 minutes after shaking and strain sample into clean measuring cup.
4. Take pH and EC readings using an electronic Meter.

- The readings taken with this method will be higher than those taken by other methods.
- Consistency of method used is important to be able to compare the two sets of results
- The accuracy of this method cannot be guaranteed because of the variables involved. The results should be viewed as 'indicative' rather than 'absolute'.