What is ATC?

ATC stands for Automatic Temperature Compensation. This is a temperature sensor that is inbuilt into all of Bluelab’s meters (including pens and probes for clarity) so that it can automatically compensate and correct for the temperature of the solution. The temperature of the solution is able to change the pH or EC value produced by the meter and so the ATC will provide reliability and reproducibility of the same reading in the same solution regardless of any fluctuations in temperature.

The meter will still need to equilibrate to the temperature of the solution so the user should wait for this to happen when placing it in solution. This is especially important if there is a large difference in the temperature of the sample and the external environment.

How does it work?

When the probe is calibrated the ATC unit measures the temperature of the buffer and logs this value. Then when testing a sample, the ATC will measure the temperature of this solution and adjust the value to remain in collaboration with the calibrated standard.