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  2. Conductivity (Electrical Conductivity, Parts Per Million, Total Dissolved Solids)

What is Conductivity? Why do I need to measure it? What do I use to measure it?

Conductivity is an electrical measurement of the total soluble salts contained within an aqueous solution.


  • "When nutrients are dissolved into a solution, these break down into salts, and those salts are conductive."
  • Pure water does not conduct electricity as there are no ions or salts contained inside of the water.
  • It is critical to know the overall strength of your nutrient solution. If it is too weak, your plants will miss out on the vital elements they need to grow. Too strong and you run the risk of burning your plant.


The conductivity of your nutrient solution should be measured daily. Ensuring your solution conductivity is at the right level will ensure you are feeding your plants with the correct nutrient strength. Daily checks will tell you if your nutrient solution is too strong or too weak, and whether you need to add more concentrated nutrients or fresh water. Without an instrument to measure conductivity, you are only guessing your nutrient strength and run the risk of a failed crop.

"That which is measured, improves"...


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