FAQ's for the Leap pH Probe

  1. What are the technical aspects of the product?  How does it work?
    The probe uses a special type of glass that contains special ions that react to the pH of the soil or solution it is in. These ions push or pull the ions inside the probe (similar to a magnet) and this push or pull can be measured to give a pH reading.
  2. How long does it take to record and come up with the result on the screen?
    A result is displayed immediately though you will need to wait for the reading to stabilize. This is quicker with new/well cared for probes as they have a quicker response time, but with older probes this stabilization can take up to 30 seconds or one to two minutes.
  3. How accurate is it?
    +/- 0.1 pH when measured in solution.  It can vary with different media.
  4. As shipped are they cleaned and calibrated ready to go?
    Yes, they are shipped clean and ready to go, but as with any new probe you must calibrate your meter to the probe that you are going to use it with.  For this reason we supply sachets of calibration solution.