Software Layout


  1. Device List - Complete list of all devices currently connected to Connect
  2. Device Screen – Details and options of currently selected device
  3. Global Options – Controls what is displayed in the main screen below
  4. Device Options – Shows the different options associated with the selected device
  5. Add Device – Area to add device key codes


  1. Global Status Bar – shows if the system is ok, offline or how many alarms/notifications are present
  2. Device Status Bar – this will tell you the status of the currently selected device. If there are any alarms or lockouts currently active on the device these will be listed here and the measurement in error will be highlighted in red.
  3. Alert Icon Area – here icons will show any current important information about the device
  4. Alert Icon Legend – this is collapsible and shows a list of all the possible alert icons as well as their definitions


  1. Currently Selected Devices Current Readings
  2. Current measurements of all the devices in the device list
  3. Time since current measurements were last updated