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Device Overview - pH Controller Connect

  1. Device Status Bar – this will show the current status of the pH Controller, either ok, offline or in alarm. If in alarm it will list the number of alarms currently active. It will; also show if the device is in Control or Monitor mode
  2. Current Readings – If any of these are in red it signifies that reading is in alarm
  3. Currently set Required Level – if device is in monitor mode (as above image) this will be greyed out
  4. Dose Count and Time – this is a running count of the total number of doses carried out since midnight and the total amount of time the Controller has dosed since midnight.
  5. Control Direction – indicates which direction the controller is set to dose pH Up (more alkaline) or pH Down (more acidic).
  6. Reset dose Counters – this will reset all dose counters to 0.
  7. Time since the current readings were last updated