Device Overview - Pro Controller

  1. Device Status Bar – this will show the current status of the Pro Controller, either ok, offline or in alarm. If in alarm it will list the number of alarms currently active. It will; also show if the device is in Control or Monitor mode
  2. Current Readings – If any of these are in red it signifies that reading is in alarm
  3. Currently set Required Levels – if device is in monitor mode these will be greyed out
  4. Dose Count and Time – this is a running count of the total number of doses carried out since midnight and the total amount of time the Controller has dosed, per sensor, since midnight.
  5. Control Direction – indicates which direction the controller is set to dose pH Up (more alkaline) or pH Down (more acidic), EC up (more nutrient) or Down (top up with water) and temp up (turn on heater) or down (turn on AC unit).
  6. Reset dose Counters – this will reset all dose counters to 0.
  7. Time since the current readings were last updated