Connect Software Device Settings

  1. Name Change – Enter the display name you wish the device to have. This will be displayed in connect and all log files will use this name to sort data.
  2. Control Mode – Here you can change if the device is in control mode dosing whenever the setting requires, or in monitor mode where the pump will not dose any pH adjuster.
  3. Alarms – here you can turn alarms on or off. If they are on they will alarm in both Control and Monitor mode, but in Control mode the alarms will also lock out the controller (stop it dosing).
  4. Required Level – this is the level the controller will aim to maintain. If the device is in Control mode and the current reading is below this value (assuming control direction is set to up) the pump will run for one on and off time and repeat this until the current value reaches the required value
  5. On/Off Times – The on time is the amount of time the pumps will dose if the device is in control mode and the level is below the required level. It should be set so that one off time is a 0.1 EC or less to avoid overshoots. The off time is the time required for a dose to fully mix (see more info on suggested on times and off times).
  6. High/Low Alarm Levels – If the pH reaches these levels and alarms are turned on the system will alarm, showing on the device, in Connect and via e-mail and/or notification to your phone if you are logged in with a Bluelab Account.
  7. Apply/Refresh Buttons – For any settings change to take effect you must click apply. Refresh will discard any entered data and replace it with the data currently in the device