Off Time Calculation

The off time is the amount of time it takes for any dose from the pumps to be fully mixed. This means for this test you will need to be using the real nutrients/ph adjusters you are going to be using in practice, and have the real mixing you are going to have in your system (mixing pumps, aerators, etc). Note the off time can generally be calculated during your on time calculation.

To calculate the off time follow these simple steps;

  • Set the On time to 3 times the normal on time
  • Put the controller in Control mode so that it doses one on time
  • Start a timer once the pumps stop dosing
  • Put the device in Monitor mode so that it doesn’t dose again
  • Watch the conductivity/pH value on the device and wait until the value stabilises
  • The time this took is your minimum off time
    • We would recommend you add an extra minute or so to this value as a buffer
    • An off time can be anything from 2-3 minutes all the way to 25-20 minutes depending on system type and mixing levels
  • Set your off time and remember to revert you on time to the correct value