Do I need to calibrate the Bluelab Pulse Meter?

- You do not need to calibrate the Bluelab Pulse Meter for conductivity.

- The Pulse comes pre-calibrated for moisture for some common media types.

That said, various factors affect the Pulse moisture reading. Key variables include (but are not limited to):

  • Media type
  • Density/compression of the media
  • Size of the pot/bag/slab being used, and
  • Number and size of roots present in the area being measured.

As such, we recommend creating a custom calibrated medium for your setup to ensure you get best results.

The process to create a custom calibrated medium is simple, where plants are watered until they start to drain. These are then left for an hour to settle the water and ensure your media is at its maximum water holding capacity. A representative set of readings (at least 3 and a maximum of 20) are then taken from one or various representative plant rootzones. The system then sets this maximum water holding capacity as a 100% moisture reading for this plant and media type. You can view this process in the following video: