Which base medium do I use on my Pulse app?

The Pulse app comes pre-loaded with a couple of base media calibrations. These are calibrated to different media mixes. The most commonly used calibrations are “Mixed Media” and “Mixed Media (Coir)”. Both these calibrations are based on thousands of data points from different mixed medias with large ranges of compositions. The main difference between the two is that one is better tuned to medias that have a high (greater than 50%) coco coir content. This is because coco coir tends to absorb the frequencies used by Pulse more than other substrates. It also sequesters water slightly differently than other grow mediums.

- If you are using a coir heavy media or pure coir as your medium, use the “Mixed Media (Coir)” or the “Mixed Media” base model.

- If neither of those are giving you the accuracy you hope for, the next step is to create a custom medium base model (to see more info on creating a custom calibrated medium, please see the video below):