With the Pulse Meter and app, how long will it take to create a custom calibrated medium?

Making a custom media calibration is actually a very fast process, once the plant pots have reached their maximum water holding capacity. The steps are as follows;

  1. Select 2-5 good representative plants (these are the ones you want everything else to look like, so choose wisely!)
  2. Water these until they are saturated and start to drain (if in the ground this is obviously harder to see but make your best guess)
  3. Leave the plants for an hour to freely drain
  4. Select “Custom Media” from the top left menu and click on the plus button in the bottom right corner
  5. Follow instructions and name your new custom media calibration (this will be the displayed name so name it something that makes sense and you will easily be able to understand later, e.g. "tomatoes – coco – 2 month old")
  6. Take a total of between 6 and 15 measurements across your selected pots (ensure you are measuring where you will normally be measuring when using the Pulse)
  7. Tap next and take a couple of test measurements in you sample pots (a green tick means the sample is the same as the calibration, a red cross means the measurement is significantly different from the training set)
  8. If you have too many bad (red cross) readings, tap back and either add more data or restart

Once happy, tap save and the custom model will be added to your media list.

See the video below for more information.