Bluelab Guardian Connect device reading differently to the Bluelab Connect mobile app

  • Finding differences in ppm readings comparing your Connect Software to the Connect mobile app? This information should help explain why..

In essence, this comes down to a rounding issue in the ppm (500 or 700) scales..

If you are finding that your Guardian device ppm reading (displayed on the unit itself, or in the PC Connect software) is different to your reading shown in your Connect Mobile app, this is caused by a discrepancy in rounding between Connect desktop and Connect mobile app.

Essentially in PPM500 (or PPM700) using a Guardian, Connect desktop will show +/-10 ppm while Connect for Mobile will round this to +/-50 ppm (or +/-70 ppm for ppm700) as this is the actual accuracy of the device. 

The PC software mimics the Guardian so will also show to the nearest 10ppm. The mobile apps unfortunately have a different rounding method that means they round to +/- 70ppm (we are looking to rectify this in the next version of Connect for mobile). In an example where the device says 390 ppm, that would be 0.56 EC, which is technically more accuracy that we have. The mobile app might then say 420 ppm which is 0.6 EC. So, they are both saying the same EC once you round to the right accuracy, but it can certainly be seen where the confusion comes in!

For further information or support please feel free to reach out to, and our team will be able to assist with more info from there.