1. Care, cleaning and maintenance
  2. Care, maintenance and storage

How to hydrate your Bluelab pH pens and probes

Hydration is essential for accurate pH pens and probes

Without proper hydration, your readings may drift and the probe may break. 

To ensure the probe glass bulb and porous wick are properly maintained, hydrate the pH pen or probe tip in Bluelab Probe KCl solution.

Important: Never use RO (reverse osmosis), deionised, or distilled water, as they can cause permanent damage to the probe. Learn more about RO water

pH pen and probe hydration 

To hydrate your pH pen or probe, follow the steps below. 

  1. Make sure the pH pen or probe is clean and free from contamination. Clean the probe using this guide. 
  2. Place the pH pen or probe upright in a small plastic container.
  3. Add enough Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution to submerge the pen or probe tip.  Alternatively, open the sachet and let the pen or probe sit upright in the sachet. Learn more about KCl solution
  4. Leave to soak for 24 hours. 
  5. After hydration, rise the probe tip in fresh water, discard the solution then follow the instructions to calibrate

    The pH pen hydrating with KCl solution in a plastic pot


Important: Never let your probe dry out. If you accidently let it dry read our pH pen FAQ and troubleshooting guide


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