1. IntelliClimate
  2. Configuring your IntelliClimate

Calibrating your CO2 Sensor

Calibration of Internal CO2 sensor (0-5000ppm)

The CO2 sensors which may be fitted inside the louvered type environment sensor box are calibrated at the IntelliClimate controller as follows:

  1. SOFT CALIBRATION – allows calibration against an accurate CO2 sensor or known CO2 level

On the IntelliClimate go enter the “Configure” menu and navigate to “Enviro 1 (or 2) CO2 Calib”.Place the sensor in a known CO2 concentration e.g. outside in open air (CO2 = 380ppm) or else compare with another accurately calibrated CO2 sensor.

When doing this try not to breath near the sensors and do not do this near any other sources of CO2.

Use the up or down arrows to change the scaling away from the normal 100% scaling until the scaled or calibrated CO2 reading below the box is correct and press “Save” to store the new calibration. When doing this the percentage change needed is displayed on the screen.

The normal percentage is 100% and if this ever needs to be set below 50% or above 150% this may indicate some deterioration of the sensor. In this case first try the hard calibration below to see if that corrects the reading.

If not you may require a new CO2 module.

2. HARD CALIBRATION - This allows the sensor to self-calibrate when placed in fresh air at ambient CO2 levels. As this is less convenient than the SOFT calibration mentioned above it is suggested that this is carried out only once per year.


Place the sensor box outside in fresh air and connect to an IntelliClimate controller. Navigate to, and enter, the Configure Menu.Navigate and enter “CO2 configuration” then move down and enter “Open air configuration”. Press edit and a screen with instruction will appear.

On pressing start a new screen with a timer counting down from 11 minutes will appear. During this time leave the enviro sensor in fresh air and avoid breathing near it.

It will self-calibrate to the ambient CO2 level. At the end of this navigate back to the software calibration screen “CO2 scale factor” and set this to 100% i.e. no scaling.