1. IntelliClimate
  2. Introduction to the IntelliClimate Controller

Environment Control Options

Humidifier or fogger

This output can drive either a standard fan based fogger or ultrasonic humidifier or alternatively, a nozzle type fogger. When humidifier is selected the function is very simple with the humidifier coming on when the humidity is too low and going off when it is satisfactory. In the case of the fogger selection, the operation is similar except when it is calling for humidification the output is pulsed on and off producing small puffs of fog and allowing time for each puff to dissipate before the next.

Heater, Dehumidifier, and CO2

The purpose and function of these devices is self-explanatory and they will all work to keep the temperature, humidity and CO2 close to the settings. In the advanced settings, you will also find switching offsets settings for each device that allow you to set the offset from the main setting at which it will turn on and another offset at which it will turn off.

Although these come preset to typical values that will avoid excessive overshoot or rapid cycling in most grow rooms it is possible for the user to customise then to achieve optimal performance.