Installing your IntelliClimate

The IntelliClimate controller should be installed in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Remove the screws holding the back, fit the mounting feet, then screw to the wall. If using the dry wall (plaster board) anchors, use the longer screws supplied. If fixing to a plywood back board use the shorter screws

The low voltage power from the adapter is connected to the two-left connection terminals on the left-hand connector. With many power supplies, the cable is a screened “co-axial” type. In this case the screen should be connected to the “Common” and the center wire to the 24V line connection on the controller.

A 24V DC power supply adapter is supplied.

IntelliClimate Controller
(Front view)


Connection to EnviroSensor

A single cable is run from the IntelliClimate to the first enviro sensor which loops from the first enviro sensor to the second sensor (if fitted).

Setting the address of the EnviroSensors

The first EnviroSensor should have the rotary switch set to 1 with the second EnviroSensor set to 2.


Relay Boxes

 To drive mains powered equipment, the 24V DC outputs must be connected to relays or contactors that have 24V DC coils. We normally supply twin relay boxes that provide a convenient method of achieving this. The total mains current draw from a relay box should not exceed the rating as printed on its label.

Example connection of a relay box to operate Light1 and Fan1


For further information, please take a look at our IntelliClimate manual