1. IntelliClimate
  2. Introduction to the IntelliClimate Controller

Introducing Lighting Options

The controller can switch two light banks. It is always a good idea to split your lights into two groups.

Firstly, when using both banks together, it allows the controller to stagger the switch on times so that the power surge from the first bank has subsided by the time the second bank comes on.

Secondly, during the vegetative phase of growth, the lights are on for longer periods (18hours) but a lower intensity may be used. The controller has the ability to switch on one bank and alternate the banks each day. This ensures that the plants receive light from both sides.

If, when one bank is turned on, the light sensor detects a low light level the controller assumes that that bank is out of action (bulb blown) and automatically switches on the other bank.

If alarms are enabled, then it will alert you to the fact that a light has failed. Similarly, if a power failure occurs, the controller has a settable detent before bringing the lights back on in stages. This is extremely useful when you have more than one grow room as all the lights can be sequenced to come on one by one to avoid a huge power surge. In addition, the controller automatically checks the duration of the power outage and ensures that minimum cool down periods are complied with.This has a significant impact on lamp life.

For those using air cooled lights, it is possible to fit small over-temperature cut-offs to avoid them overheating if the cooling fans should ever fail.

Hint: fit the cooling fan to blow air through the light fittings rather than suck out the hot air. This way the fans run cooler and last a lot longer.