1. IntelliClimate
  2. Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Manuals


Very little maintenance is required and is really limited to keeping all equipment clean, dry and cool. Observe and double-check all readings from time to time to ensure that sensors are still accurate.

This is particularly important for the CO2 sensor. The recalibration procedure for the 8002 – ACD sensor is provided as in the recalibration guide. 


Fault finding

Unit is completely dead – i.e. no display, no power light and no outputs.
Check that the power pack is functioning (by measuring with a voltmeter if possible) and that it is plugged in, switched on and properly connected to the controller.

If the unit still fails to function then the probability is that the internal 4A fuse (20mm x 5mm miniature glass fuse) may have been blown. The most likely cause of this happening is that wires connecting to the peripheral equipment have touched together and shorted out.

To fix this it is important to clear the fault first. Inspect all wiring and ensure that all wires are well-insulated right to the point where they enter the connector. Also, check the connections at the relays or peripherals. Then replace the fuse with a genuine 4A fuse. DO NOT ATTACH WIRE OR ALUMINIUM FOIL ACROSS IT.  

Lights or other equipment do not come on when expected
Test the relevant output using a voltmeter set on a range suitable for measuring 24V DC. Measure between the output pin in question and one of the Common connections.

If the pin has 24V on it then the fault lies with the peripheral or relay driving it. If there is no 24V on the relevant pin then recheck all settings starting with configuration.

If advanced settings have been changed then it may be advisable to use the button at the bottom to restore them to factory defaults.

Finally, double-check all other settings and readings to be absolutely sure that the peripheral in question should be ON.