Quick Start Guide

This is not a substitute for reading the relevant sections of the manual but is included to emphasise some important and useful points.

If the grow room is to be operated at high humidity for long periods (e.g. during cutting/rooting stage) it is preferable to mount the controller outside the growroom. This is easily done as the grow room sensors are supplied with a long 5m (15ft) cable and if necessary this can be replaced with a longer cable. If this is done then telephone extension cable or data cable such as CAT5 computer network cable should be used. This should be stranded cable (rather than solid core) to avoid breakages.

Note that one sensor unit (to measure temperature, RH and light) is supplied as standard and a second optional sensor unit may be attached. This is useful in larger grow rooms or where increased security is require. Control will normally be based on the average readings from the two sensors but should one sensor fail, control will automatically revert to the working sensor. The optional outside temperature sensor is useful in very cold and very warm climates.

If you intend injecting CO2 then air-cooled lights are strongly recommended and if you are in a warm climate then an air conditioner and humidifier should also be considered.

Together, these will allow longer periods of CO2 injection to occur without the need to vent the room and this will lead to significant improvement in growth rates with lower use of expensive CO2.

SAFETY NOTE: If you do inject CO2 into the grow room always do the following before entering.

  1. Disable CO2
  2. Force on fans
  3. Leave door open whilst inside