1. IntelliClimate
  2. Introduction to the IntelliClimate Controller

Powering your Controller

The controller requires a power supply between 12V and 24V either AC or DC. 

Whatever power is applied will appear at the outputs (when they are ON). The default power adapter included with this controller is 24V DC which is compatible with the relay boxes and power relays that we have available. This power supply has a universal input voltage from 100V to 240V 50/60Hz. 

Note that the controller outputs of are limited to a current of 1. 2A (inductive) and 3A (resistive) load.

The power supply should be sized according to the maximum load that can be applied at any one time. The maximum total draw at any one time should not exceed 4A.

Normally we supply a universal input (any voltage and frequency within wide limits), 24V DC output power supply but this could be changed in the future or by request.