1. IntelliDose
  2. Configuring your IntelliDose with IntelliGrow

Advanced Irrigation Features in IntelliGrow

Irrigation Mode - chose between:

  • Single Output (for backwards compatibility – only one output is used for irrigation)
  • Sequential (for single trigger and each irrigation station runs in turn)
  • Independent irrigation (up to 4 irrigation stations with own triggers and durations)  

Number of irrigation stations -  0 to 4, where 0 means no irrigation is configured  

Separate pump output – indicate if a main pump output should be activated along with each station

For Single output or Sequential irrigation, you can specify whether the trigger is 'Irrigate at same time each day' OR 'Irrigate during day only'

 For Independent irrigation, these settings can be set for each station:

The wiring diagram has been updated to accommodate the new irrigation scheme:


When using sequential or independent irrigation stations and a Separate pump output there will be one additional output allocated to the irrigation pump. This is to accommodate the scenario where a single pump drives the irrigation while individual solenoid valves are operated for watering each station. This additional output is labelled as 'Irrig pump' on the wiring diagram and only needs to be used if using a single irrigation pump. 

If individual irrigation pumps are used for watering each station then it is not necessary to use the Separate pump output.   

Status Tab

 Each independent irrigation station can be disabled or forced on:

Each independent irrigation station can be set to use a different duration and trigger:

When using single output or sequential irrigation, only one irrigation trigger can be specified.


If the firmware version of your IntellIDose is prior to 3.01 and you would like to take advantage of this new functionality please contact your local Autogrow distributor to find out how you can upgrade your controller.

Latest Manual

To access the latest version of your instruction manual, please head to help.autogrow.com