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Calibrating your pH Probe

  1. The glass bulb at the end of the pH electrode should be shiny and clear. If necessary, clean the glass bulb at the tip of the sensor with a very soft “child’s” toothbrush or a special cleaning tool with a little liquid scouring agent such as “Jif”or "SoftScrub”. The bulb is very delicate – TAKE CARE.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in water and then place in the pH 7 buffer solution. NOTE THAT YOU MUST ALWAYS CALIBRATE AT pH 7 BEFORE pH 4.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the reading to stabilise and then press the menu button to reach the Calibration screen. Press Enter to get into the Calibration sub-menu and then “Enter” the Calibrate pH 7 screen. Now press the up and down arrows until the reading matches the calibration solution (e.g. pH 7.0). Press “Save” to store the calibration
  4. Rinse the probe and place in pH 4 buffer solution. Allow to stand for a few minutes until there is no further change in the pH reading. Now use the Menu and Enter keys to navigate to the Calibrate pH 4 screen. Press the up and down arrows to get the calibrated reading to match the calibration solution and then press “Save” to save the calibration and exit from that screen.

The EC probe should be cleaned regularly and calibrated every other week. The pH probe should be calibrated weekly. In addition, it is advisable to use a hand-held meter to check the EC and pH every day. If ever the hand-held instrument and controller readings differ then all probes should be cleaned, checked and recalibrated.