1. IntelliDose

IntelliDose Scheduling

Before you start creating a schedule for your dosing system, check the below list:

  • Have you enabled "use scheduling" feature?
    Check how to enable scheduling feature: here 
  • Do you know how many nutrient parts you are going to use?
  • Do you know in what ratio you're going to mix your solution?
  • Have you prepared a Feed Chart on a paper or in Excel sheet? We recommend doing this.
  • Have you checked with the supplier or do you know the Nutrient range or target for your weekly schedule?
    Example: In week 3, Nutrient should be between 1000 to 1300 ppm, use AVERAGE when setting up Nutrient value. For example, for a range of 1000 to 1300, use 1150ppm in schedule 
  • Set your “Nutrient” unit


Below Feed Chart is just an example of how you can set-up scheduling for your dosing system. First prepare a Feed Chart for your schedule similar as below. Parts and Weeks can vary. 

  • Feed chart contains 6 nutrient parts, 6x Weeks cycle.
  • Nutrient dose time = 10 seconds = 100%


  1. Go to Scheduling 

2. Click on “Add” or “+“ to add the schedule
3. Set the “Date” and enter nutrient part percentages. Make sure to SAVE the changes


  • Autogrow can’t recommend Nutrient set points as it can vary for every other grower. Please contact your nutrient supplier for this information. 
  • pH can't be controlled via scheduling. In order to controller the pH value, you need to set it under “SET POINTS”
  • If your EC or Nutrient value is fluctuating a lot from your set points,
        - Adjust your dose time and/or dose interval
        - Check your nutrient solution whether its diluted properly
  • see here for more information