1. IntelliLink


What is IntelliLink device and how does it work?
IntelliLink device connects your local Intelli devices such as IntelliDose and IntelliClimate to online Intelligrow account without requiring a PC. IntelliLink device uses your local internet settings (WiFi Or LAN) to communicate directly to online Intelligrow account.

How to navigate to the IntelliLink configuration page out-of-the-box?

After your IntelliLink device is connected either via WiFi or LAN, then; 

  • On Windows, run the iL-finder tool and configuration page should open-up
  • On Linux/MAC/iOS, use intellilink.local:3333 in the browser
  •  On Android phone, use

How to reset IntelliLink device to factory default?
Navigate to the "IntelliLink Configuration page" and simply "Reset" the device under "Reset Gateway to Default State" section. For security reasons, you will need your Intelligrow account credentials to confirm the reset.

If my online Intelligrow account subscription has expired, will my local Intelli devices stop working? 
No, your local Intelli devices will keep on working as configured. Online Intelligrow account does not affect your local settings.

My IntelliLink device is connected to the internet but it is not showing up in my Intelligrow account. 

IntelliLink is not shown as a device in Intelligrow. It is simply a gateway tool.

My IntelliLink device has suddenly stopped working, what do I do?

If the device was working and suddenly stopped working, please check the following

  • All cables are connected properly
  • Check if there is any change in the local or in-house network settings or WiFi settings

After updating IntelliLink device name, I couldn't connect to the device anymore.
After updating the IntelliLink device name, the hot-spot name also changes. You would need to connect your system to the changed (new) IntelliLink name. Please wait 5 min after updating the device name. If the updated device name doesn't show up, reboot the IntelliLink device.

After configuring SSID (WiFi) settings, I couldn't connect to the IntelliLink device?

As soon as the SSID settings are configured, Hot-spot will stop working. You would need to reconnect to the IntelliLink device.

  • On Windows, run the iL-finder tool and configuration page should open-up
  •  On Linux/MAC/iOS, use intellilink.local:3333 in the browser
  •  On Android use,

Troubleshoot Errors on IntelliLink Configuration Page:

If you see any of these errors, it refers to incorrect network settings. Please check LAN/Ethernet or Wifi settings whichever you're using to connect to IntelliLink.

AWS login status : Cannot login, work in offline mode
This error refers that you have not configured or verified your Intelligrow account settings under "Gateway Settings"
Please Note: Until you verify your 'Gateway Settings', the IntelliLink will not show any connected devices. 

Connected devices : No Autogrow device is attached to USB
This generally means you have verified your Gateway Settings but have not connected any Intelli device to the IntelliLink device. If you already you have a device connected to the IntelliLink, click 'Refresh'.
If it still does not show up, unplug USB and plug it again. If still an issue, please check the IntelliDose/IntelliClimate device you're connecting or contact Autogrow Support team.