1. IntelliLink

Getting Started: The Bluelab IntelliLink

How to onboard your Bluelab IntelliLink to Edenic by Bluelab

To set up your Bluelab IntelliLink follow steps 1 & 2

Step 1: Connect to Edenic by Bluelab Software

To connect to Edenic your IntelliLink must be connected to your local network with an internet connection. Your IntelliLink can either be connected via a LAN cable directly to your router, or via Wi-Fi.

  1. Download the Edenic app on your mobile device, create an account & log in.
  2. Power on your IntelliLink.
  3. If using wired LAN - Connect a LAN cable between your IntelliLink & your router. If using Wi-Fi - ensure your IntelliLink is in range of your Wi-Fi access point.
  4. In the app, choose Add Device & follow the instructions. The device name & 4-digit security code can be found on the back of the device or on the packaging.

Step 2: Connect your Intelli Device(s) to your IntelliLink

Note: Currently only combatable with IntelliDose.

  1. Using the supplied USB cable connect your IntelliLink to your IntelliDose or IntelliClimate. Up to 4 devices can be plugged into each IntelliLink.
  2. Your Intelli device will appear automatically in Edenic once plugged in. Assuming a successful connection was made in step 1.