pH Controller Acid/Alkaline Strength Recommendations

Bluelab does not recommend the use of highly concentrated acid or alkaline with this product as it is likely to cause damage to the pump tubing. However many leading brands of pH Up and pH Down are appropriate for use without dilution. As a guide Bluelab recommends the following maximum concentration for commonly used acid and alkaline;
Nitric Acid = < 35%
Phosphoric Acid = < 85%
Citric Acid = < 60%
Potassium Hydroxide = <60%
Potassium Silicate = <60%
Here are the system variable that need to be considered when determining if the pH Controller in its current state is suitable;
1) Tank Size.
2) Maximum amount of pH UP/DOWN currently be used per day.
3) Amount of pH UP/DOWN currently be used to shift system by 0.1 pH.
4) Brand / type of pH UP/DOWN currently being used for ‘2’ and ‘3’.
5) EC/ppm reading of tank water.