Getting Started: The Bluelab pH Probe

Product overview, manuals and how to get started

Bluelab pH probe replacement



The Bluelab pH Probe is a replacement pH probe suitable for all products that use a BNC connector. 


Easy to clean and calibrate 2 metre / 6.6 foot cable
Gel-filled, double function reference Probe holder supplied - keeps probe secure

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Product manuals:

PROBPH User Manual - English

PROBPH User Manual - German Deutsch

PROBPH User Manual - Dutch

PROBPH User Manual - French

PROBPH User Manual - Spanish

Quick start guide

* Salt crusting around the probe is normal, it does not affect the probe. 

Before use

  1. Attach the probe. Connect the probe to the meter via the BNC fitting. 
  2. Loosen the storage cap. Hold cap and twist base one full turn, then gently remove. Not loosening before removal will damage the probe. 
  3. Calibrate your probe to your meter. Read how to calibrate your probe here

Tips for care

Clean and calibrate your pH probe monthly to maintain the probe's accuracy.

  • Always store the pH probe in the storage cap with enough KCl (Potassium Chloride) to cover the probe tip. The probe will become damaged if left dry. 
  • The glass tube can be damaged easily. Take care not to knock the internal tube. 
  • Don't immerse in oils, proteins or suspended solids that will leave a coating on the glass bulb
  • Never store, soak or rinse the probe in RO, distilled or de-ionised water. 

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