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How to calibrate the Bluelab Conductivity Pen

Calibrate the Conductivity Pen if the pen measures incorrectly in EC 2.77 solution

The Bluelab Conductivity Pen comes factory calibrated, so there is no need to calibrate it for the first use out of the box. Calibration is optional, and recommended as a troubleshooting step if the conductivity pen has been cleaned according to the cleaning instructions and is still reading incorrectly in EC 2.77 solution. 

If the Conductivity Pen still won't calibrate or read correct measurements after cleaning and calibrating, try using fresh solution and making sure the shroud is fitted correctly. 

Follow the troubleshooting guide 

How to calibrate the Bluelab Conductivity Pen 

1. Make sure the pen is clean before calibration. Read the cleaning guide here

2. Make sure the shroud is fitted correctly.

3. Rinse probe in fresh water and sit the probe in fresh EC 2.77 standard solution.

4. Hold the calibration button for 3 seconds until "CAL" appears. Release button and "CAL P" should be displayed. If "Err" is displayed, check the probe is clean and that the calibration solution is fresh and uncontaminated. 

5. A check mark will appear on the screen to indicate that the calibration was successful. The check mark will disappear after 30 days. 


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