1. IntelliClimate
  2. Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Manuals

Specifications of the IntelliClimate

Power supply adapter

The unit is normally supplied with a universal input (100V to 240V 50/60Hz) power adapter which provides the IntelliClimate with a safe, low voltage supply of 24V DC at 2.5Amps



9 outputs that have the same voltage as the supply (normally 24V DC)

Ratings of individual outputs are 3Amps but of course, the total draw from all 9 outputs must not exceed the rating of the supply adapter.



The temperature, RH, Light sensors all connect on a bus cable. The three wires in the bus cable supply the sensor units with 5VDC power and receive digital data back along the third wire. The maximum length of this bus cable is 20m (60ft). The unit is supplied with one temperature/RH/light sensor box on a 5m (15ft) cable. A second sensor box and an external temperature sensor may be added. These would be connected in daisy chain fashion on the single bus cable.


Temperature/RH/Light enviro sensors

Temperature accuracy +/- 0.5°C

RH accuracy +/- 3% to 95% then +/-5%

Light accuracy +/- 5%; Total light 0 to 1000Joules

CO2 input: 10-bit resolution (1 part in 1000)


CO2 sensor – Internal 

0 to 5000ppm range. Either 1 or 2 of these may be installed and with 2 installed the controller will work to the average of the two. Each CO2 sensor can be calibrated separately – see appendix 1 


3 x Relay Boxes

The twin relay boxes have a total current capability as follows:

USA 110V15A total draw

UK 240V at 13A

Australasia 240V at 10A