1. IntelliDose
  2. Configuring your IntelliDose

Setting up Multi Part Dosing

With 3 to 8-part dosing, the ratios may be varied to suit a feeding schedule as recommended by the nutrient supplier. In this case the ratios between all the nutrient parts can be individually varied.

A schedule may be added with IntelliGrow which will automatically vary the nutrient ratios and EC as required. This can be used to gradually and automatically change the mix from vegetative to generative whilst at the same time gradually changing the EC. 

Note, on each date specified, the settings change to the new values and then stay at these settings until the next date in the schedule is reached.

Once the last entry is reached the settings just stay at those values permanently.

It is important to note, that when using variable ratios for the various nutrient part, the dose time must be set to be long enough that the part with smallest ratio still gets a dose of at least one second.

When set for more than 2 nutrient parts the dose interval must be set for greater than 0 seconds.