Reprovisioning a Bluelab Wi-Fi Device

A Bluelab Wi-Fi device can be reprovisioned onto a new Wi-Fi Network by entering “Provisioning Mode” on the device and using the Edenic phone app to configure the device.

Step One: Accessing Add Device

Open Edenic on your phone and sign in with your Edenic account. Power up the Bluelab Wi-Fi device and enter “Provisioning Mode” by pressing the “Settings” button and then Temperature “Units” button. The device should show “Prou” and it’s four-digit Security Code. In the app select the “add Devices” button.


Step Two: Connecting to Wi-Fi Device

Option A: Bluetooth Search

Selecting “Search Bluetooth” will start a Bluetooth search and any available devices will be displayed.


Selecting the appropriate device from the list of available devices will take you to the Device Setup screen. To ensure you select the correct device, the device name should match the name on the QR Code sticker on the device.


Option B: Scan QR Code

Select “Scan QR Code” and scan the QR Code on the back of the device.


This will take you straight to the Setup Device screen.

Step Three: Device Setup

Here you need to give the device a name and provide it with your Wi-Fi network credentials. If added via Bluetooth scan you will also need to enter the Security Code displayed on the device or found on the QR Code sticker on the device. You can view available Wi-Fi Networks by selecting “View Wi-Fi networks”. This will provide a list of Wi-Fi Networks that the device is able to connect too.


Once all required details have been filled out, select “Continue” to configure the device. You should see a success message once the device has been successfully configured and connected to the network.


Reprovisioning Complete