How to transfer your account from Bluelab Connect to Edenic

Bluelab Connect is going away soon. Follow this guide to transfer your data from Bluelab Connect to Edenic


If you are new to Edenic and have never had a Bluelab Connect account, follow the guide for new customers. 

How to sign up for Edenic as a new customer

Transferring from Bluelab Connect Cloud to Edenic requires an update to Bluelab Connect Desktop. Please note once updated Connect cloud will no longer receive device information and you will have to install the new Edenic mobile application to continue receiving mobile data.

Historical information will not be transferred from Connect to Edenic. Edenic will start tracking history at the time of transfer. 

We recommend that you export historical data from Connect and save it for later reference. 

Follow the steps below to transfer your Connect account.

Step One: Update Bluelab Connect Desktop to Edenic compatible version

Option A) 

Firstly, download the latest version of the Connect software

Ensure that Bluelab Connect desktop is installed on the correct PC with a Bluelab Connect Stick plugged in and internet access.

Run through installation process.

Option B)

Open Bluelab Connect (if already open and no update button shown close and reopen.)

Select "Update.".

Run through the update process.

Connect will update to latest Connect version of 2.1.15.

Click the "Get started" button in the bottom-right of the Connect homepage and run through the installation process. 


Step Two: Login to Edenic

Open Bluelab Connect desktop if not already running.

Select Login.


A browser window should open to login screen.


Enter your Bluelab Connect username and password.


Edenic transfer account screen

You will be redirected to a transfer account screen, please confirm your details, and accept the terms and conditions to complete the process. Once this is complete you will see a success message in your browser.

Bluelab Connect is now logged in to Edenic. You can now close your browser and return to Bluelab Connect Desktop.

Step Three: Start using Edenic

Navigate to the Settings tab in the top-right corner of the main Connect homepage. 

Click the "Go to app" button.

A web browser will open, you may need to log in again, before entering the web application.

The Device Index will list devices that are currently added to your Bluelab Connect. Bluelab Connect desktop must be running on a PC with internet access and your Bluelab Connect Stick attached within range of your devices to successfully use Edenic.

You can also download the Edenic mobile application for your mobile device from the App Store or by clicking the appropriate link below.


Google Play Store Icon linking to Edenic Icon of the Apple icon link to Edenic


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