Getting Started: Bluelab Leap pH Probe

Product overview, get started and FAQ


The Bluelab Leap Probe is a replacement pH probe for Bluelab meters, monitors and controllers. The reinforced spear-tip measures pH directly in the root zone in soil, coco coir blends, stone wool, potting mixes and solutions. 


Reinforced spear-tip  Double-junction probe 
BNC connector  2 metre / 6.6 foot cable
Multi-media  6-month warranty
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Product manuals:

PROBPHLEAP User Manual - English

Before first use 

  1. Attach the Bluelab Leap pH Probe to your device via the BNC connector
  2. Remove the storage cap. Hold the cap and twist the base one full turn, then gently remove. 
  3. Precondition the pH probe before first use by inserting the probe tip several times in substrate then rinse. Note that the bridge at the tip of the probe will change colour.
  4. Calibrate your probe to your Bluelab meter, monitor or controller by following the instructions on the back of the device, or read the calibration guide here.

Salt crusting on the probe is normal. If salt crusting (dried KCl) is present, gently brush the salt away and hydrate for 24 hours. Read how to hydrate your pH probe.

Quick tips for care

Don't let your probe tip dry out. Store the Leap Probe in the storage cap, ensuring there is enough KCl (Potassium Chloride) storage solution in the cap. Read more on KCl storage solution. If you accidentally let the probe tip dry out, hydrate for 24 hours in KCl Storage Solution. Read how to hydrate your pH probe.

Measuring highly abrasive media like soil and potting mix 50 or more times per week? If you are using your probe regularly, weekly calibration is recommended. 

Never store or soak the probe in RO water (Reverse Osmosis) water. RO water changes the chemistry in the reference, causing the probe to break. 

Never immerse the probe in oils. Avoid touching the probe tip directly to avoid leaving a film on the glass bulb.  

Avoid knocks and and sideways force. This could damage the delicate glass. 

Helpful resources 

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