Getting started: The Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

Product overview and how to get started

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The Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter gives you fast and accurate pH measurements directly in the root zone. The Bluelab Leap pH Probe can be used in nutrient solutions. 

Use the reinforced spear-tip probe (or included dibber) to create a hole directly in the root zone, or submerge the probe tip in solution. The pH measurement will show onscreen. 


Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

Bluelab Leap pH Probe

Lightweight, hand held design 

Easy 2-point calibration

Backlit LCD display

2m / 6.6ft cable for hard-to-reach places

Auto-off function 

Reinforced spear tip for direct root zone measurements

30-day calibration indicator

Toughened glass for a more robust probe

5-year limited written warranty on meter

6-month limited written warranty on probe

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Product manuals: METMULTI User Manual - English

Before first use: 

  1. Insert the batteries (supplied)
  2. Attach the Bluelab Leap pH Probe to the meter via the BNC connector
  3. Remove the storage cap. Hold the cap and twist the base one full turn, then gently remove. Salt crusting on the probe is normal.
  4. Precondition the pH probe before first use by inserting the probe tip several times in substrate then rinse. Note that the bridge at the tip of the probe will change colour.
  5. Calibrate your probe to your Bluelab Meter by following the instructions on the back of the meter, or read the calibration guide here.

To operate in soil/substrate:

  1. If the soil/substrate is dry, moisten with a small amount of distilled water
  2. Remove storage cap. Insert probe ensuring it makes direct contact with the root zone. To operate in solution, submerge the probe tip
  3. Turn the meter on and wait for the measurement to stabilise
  4. Rinse the probe tip in fresh tap water after each use to remove residue
  5. Store the Bluelab Leap Probe between measurements. Place the storage cap back on, ensuring the probe tip is covered with KCl Storage Solution

Read more about taking soil samples to measure pH

    When the calibration indicator disappears from the display (every 30 days) remember to:

    1. Clean the probe tip with Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner
    2. Calibrate the Leap pH Probe to two points: pH 7 and pH 4 (or pH 10)
    3. Hydrate / store the sensor. Ensure the cap always contains KCl Storage Solution

    Quick tips for maximising the life of your pH probe:

    With proper care and use, you can maximise the life of your Leap pH Probe. 

    • Rinse the probe tip in water after each use to prevent contamination.
    • Don't let your probe tip dry out. Store the Leap Probe in the storage cap, ensuring there is enough KCl (Potassium Chloride) storage solution in the cap. Read more on KCl storage solution. If you accidentally let the probe tip dry out, hydrate for 24 hours in KCl Storage Solution. Read how to hydrate your pH probe.
    • Measuring highly abrasive media like soil and potting mix 50 or more times per week? If you are using your probe regularly, weekly calibration is recommended. 
    • Never store the probe in RO (Reverse Osmosis), distilled or deionised water. RO water changes the chemistry in the reference, causing the probe to break. 
    • Read more about RO water here. 
    • Never immerse the probe in oils. Avoid touching the probe tip directly to avoid leaving a film on the glass bulb.  
    • Avoid knocks and and sideways force. This could damage the delicate glass. 


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