Configure Pulse to medium type, nutrient range and moisture range

Configure the Pulse Meter to get the best measurements

Each medium behaves differently, so Pulse needs to know the medium it is measuring to give the best results. Use this guide to configure Pulse to your specific growing medium. 

Note: Pulse can store almost 2000 measurements, notes and calibrations.

1. Set your medium type in the Pulse app 

From the main "Measure" page, click Configure in the bottom right of the screen.

Tap Set medium and select from "Mixed medium", "Mixed medium" or "Solution". 

Set your medium type in the Pulse app

Do you know your nutrient and moisture ranges?

If yes, after you have set your medium, set your minimum and maximum nutrient and moisture ranges using the scroll boxes and click Send to Pulse

If you aren’t sure of your nutrient or moisture ranges, we recommend gathering a few measurements from a sample of plants using this guide. Once you have your medium set, click Send to Pulse. Once you have your min and max ranges, you can add them in.

Once you have received a success message, you are ready to start measuring.


Send measurements to Pulse and receive a success message


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