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Is Edenic the same as Bluelab Connect?

Edenic is the next-generation platform which replaces the Bluelab Connect Cloud application. If you are using Bluelab Connect devices you will still need to have Bluelab Connect Desktop running on a local computer with the Connect Stick attached.

I'm a new customer to Edenic. How do I get set up? 

Please read the Getting Started guide here

I'm an existing Connect customer. How do I transfer my account? 

Please read the guide on transferring to Edenic here

I'm an existing user of Connect. When I transfer my account, will my data move too? 

No, if you'd like to keep data from Connect, we suggest that you download the data. Edenic will record data from the day of installation. 

I'm an existing user of Connect Desktop. When I update my Connect Desktop, will I lose my data? 

Edenic will not show your historic data but Connect Desktop's data logs will still be accessible if you go through the update process. Data logs will only be removed if you uninstall Connect Desktop. 

What devices work with Edenic? 

All Bluelab Connect Devices work with Edenic including; Bluelab Pro Controller, Bluelab pH Controller Connect, Guardian Connect and Guardian Inline Connect. You will still need to have Bluelab Connect Desktop running on a local computer with the connect stick attached. Edenic plugs in to Bluelab Connect Desktop to provide remote services and all the extra features which Edenic provides. More compatible devices will be added soon.

What's the difference between a monitor and a controller? 

A monitor is a device which has limited to no automation or control options such as a Bluelab Guardian. A controller is a device which provides automation of tasks in the growing environment and can be controlled via Edenic, such as Bluelab pH and Pro Controllers.


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