Quick Start Guide

This is not a substitute for reading the relevant sections of the manual but is included to emphasise some important and useful points.

Install the controller to one side of the mixing tank where it will not be exposed to splashes and vapours (especially acid vapour). Remember that the sensor leads must be able to reach the sample pot which should be mounted low down just above the top of the mixing tank. See for detailed installation notes.

Typical installation using peristaltic pumps


(1) Keep sample pot low down just above top of tank as many small pumps have quite low head pressure capability 

 (2) Mount IntelliDose away from spray and humidity from tank and stock solution, preferably just outside grow room 

 (3) Adjust the valve in the pipe to the sample pot to achieve a steady flow without excessive turbulence or air bubbles in the sample pot 

Clean the EC sensor and calibrate all sensors before use – see section J for details

Fill all stock tanks and mix tank with plain water and run for a day to check for leaks and observe operation is correct. (This saves the hassle of emptying a stock tank of nutrient or acid if a leak is found).


When using an automatic doser, the stock solutions and acid/alkali must be very dilute. This is particularly important if a small mixing tank (e.g. under 250gal)

NB: The acid or alkali for pH adjustment must be diluted to no more than 2%

You may need to experiment with the dilution rate of the nutrients so that a 3 to 8 second dose results in a TDS change of 50ppm (0.1EC or 1CF) and for pH a 3 to 8 second dose results in a pH change of about 0.1pH. In any event, the acid should be diluted to below 2% strength to ensure that it does not react adversely with your nutrient and this will also increase the life of tubing and solenoid valves etc.

It is also important that the tank is continually stirred while dosing and there is a continuous gentle flow through the sample pot. If the sample pot is mounted too high there is a danger of the flow ceasing if the pump loses pressure (head) for any reason such as wear or partially clogged input filter.

Software installation

Available Software options:

Edenic by Bluelab requires a Bluelab IntelliLink, for more information on connecting your IntelliDose to Edenic click  here.

IntelliGrow require an AutoGrow IntelliLink or connection to a PC/Mac, for more information on connecting your controller to IntelliGrow select here.

Note when installing software, it may be necessary to temporarily turn off your virus checker if you get an error message when the installer tries to copy files onto your computer.