Getting Started: The Bluelab Combo Meter Plus

Product overview and how to get started

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus 1-medium


Measure pH, conductivity, and temperature on the go. The Bluelab Combo Meter Plus provides the ultimate convenience by taking care of all three nutrient uptake fundamentals simultaneously.

Not only that, but this multi-parameter meter and its probes feature a brilliantly simple design. The Bluelab Leap pH Probe is easy to use, clean and calibrate; when the time comes, it’s also easy to replace. The Leap pH probe allows you to take pH readings directly at the root zone. Likewise, the Bluelab Conductivity Probe has straightforward functionality, requiring no further calibration.

Five-year limited written warranty for the Bluelab Combo Meter; six-month limited written warranty for the Bluelab Leap pH Probe.


Bluelab Combo Meter Plus

Measures pH, conductivity/nutrient (EC, CF, ppm 500 and ppm 700) and temperature (°C, °F)

Lightweight and portable

Toughened spear tip for direct root-zone measurement

Large and easy to read display

Over range and under range indicators

Simple push button pH calibration

Low battery indicator. Auto off function

Successful pH calibration indicator

2x AAA alkaline batteries included

No calibration required for conductivity and temperature

Multimedia friendly, for measurement across a range of environments

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Product manuals:

METCOMPLUS User Manual - English

Get started with these Bluelab Combo Meter steps

  1. Insert batteries supplied
  2. Connect the Leap pH Probe: Connect the Leap pH probe to the meter by lining up the lugs of the BNC fittings. Fasten securely by pushing the Leap pH probe connector on and twisting one-quarter turn.
  3. Press any button to turn the Bluelab Combo Meter Plus on. The meter will automatically turn off after four minutes.
  4. Precondition the pH probe before first use by inserting the probe tip several times in substrate then rinse. Note that the bridge at the tip of the probe will change colour.
  5. Calibration of the pH is required before first use – Learn more about calibration here
  6. Take your first measurement: Submerge the EC probe in your nutrient reservoir to view the readings on the display, or insert the leap probe into your soil or substrate at the root zone.

Tips for care:

Clean and calibrate your probes monthly to maintain probe accuracy

  • Always store the pH probe in the storage cap with enough KCl (Potassium Chloride) to cover the probe tip. The probe will become damaged if left dry.
  • The glass tube can be damaged easily. Take care not to knock the internal tube.
  • Don't immerse in oils, proteins or suspended solids that will leave a coating on the glass bulb. How to hydrate your Bluelab pH Probes.
  • Never store, soak or rinse the pH probe in RO, distilled or de-ionised water.
  • Cleaning the conductivity probe steps here.
  • Measuring highly abrasive media like soil and potting mix 50 or more times per week? If you are using your probe regularly, weekly calibration is recommended. 
The Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH and Conductivity can help you with all your cleaning and calibration needs.

To operate in soil/substrate

  1. If the soil/substrate is dry, moisten with a small amount of distilled water.
  2. Remove storage cap. Insert probe ensuring it makes direct contact with the root zone. To operate in solution, submerge the probe tip.
  3. Turn the meter on and wait for the measurement to stabilise.
  4. Rinse the probe tip in fresh tap water after each use to remove residue.
  5. Store the Bluelab Leap Probe between measurements. Place the storage cap back on, ensuring the probe tip is covered with KCl Storage Solution. What is KCl Solution?.

Read more about taking soil samples to measure pH.

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