1. IntelliClimate
  2. Introduction to the IntelliClimate Controller

Introducing your IntelliClimate Controller

The IntelliClimate is the most advanced and user-friendly grow room environment controller on the market. It has a wide range of possible applications which we will discuss briefly in this section. 

IntelliClimate can operate in a number of modes ranging from a simple cycle timed mode to a sophisticated system that makes optimal use of a range of attached equipment. 

When the controller is supplied it is normally pre-set as a simple fan-cooled environment controller with CO2 injection disabled.

After installing your IntelliClimate, you need to configure the 'Function' section on your controller Dashboard by selecting/checking the physical equipment that you have connected. Once the controller knows what you have attached to it, it will automatically select the most appropriate mode of operation.

To keep the user interface as simple as possible, only the readings and settings relevant to the selected features are displayed on the controller’s LCD and on the computer. 

To add extra features, you have to select them through the 'Function' menu on your controller Dashboard.

PC interface